This is a great Fijian family beach that me and some friends visited on my day off from working on my property. I was surfing this little right-hand break with the locals when I saw a thunder storm start forming to the south in the distance. As it built larger and larger I got out of the water and grabbed my camera. As I was shooting different angles and scouting for the best vantage point of the approaching storm these three Fijian kids riding horses came out of the jungle from nowhere and started racing up the beach. I couldn’t believe my luck as I started firing off frames before they were completely out of my view. Right place, right time and lots of luck from Nature...and three little Fijian boys.


This image sums up Fiji in so many ways for me... great beautiful beach, blue warm water, unbelievable approaching thunder storm and smiling Fijians loving life and their island... say no more!




Sizes - 10x30, 14x38, 20x60, 26x80



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The Fine Art Landscape Photography of Jaysun McMillin