Finding unique and unusual locations to photograph landscapes is part of the lure and excitement for me when it comes to a beautiful image. I’m always looking on maps and the internet for places that are not common to landscape photographers or most people.


I was heading out to this location the night of the 2015 Geminids meteor shower and according to the weather reports, the sky was supposed to be clear and crisp. Lo and behold, as I arrived at my destination, a storm from the north moved in a day early, so as I watched I noticed the clouds were perfect for an incredible sunset. I quickly set up my camera and waited for the color show to start. Not expecting such a surprising sunset, I was speechless at how the pink colors started to glow against the winter blue sky. Needless to say, after the thrilling sunset, the clouds moved in behind darkness, completely blanketing the sky from the meteor shower. It’s crazy sometimes how your intentions can be unsuccessful only to result into something else just as spectacular.




Sizes - 10x30, 14x38, 20x60, 26x80



Not to exceed 99 total prints

Thirty (30) Artist’s Proofs numbered “x of 30”

Sixty-nine (69) Limited Editions numbered “x of 69”


The Fine Art Landscape Photography of Jaysun McMillin