It seems to only snow in Joshua Tree National Park once a year so when the forecast is a "go" you have to be ready.


I woke up a couple of hours before dawn for my two hour drive from North County San Diego to the park. Little did I know that an hour into my drive through Temecula that they would be getting the most snow they've seen in 20 years. Visibility was so low that the traffic on the I-15 freeway was down to all the vehicles following each other in one lane... the ice-free one. After I made it through I had another stoppage in the city of Joshua Tree. A vehicle had hit some ice on the road and flipped into the ditch.


After all the delays I finally made it to the park. The snow was a beautiful addition to the surreal landscape that is Joshua Tree National Park. To my surprise there were a ton of visitors to see the snow and consequently get in my view every time I stopped to shoot. Needless to say I had to practice my patience till they would move on and I got my shot. It really was a magical scene and an adventure I will never forget.




Sizes - 10x30, 14x38, 20x60, 26x80



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The Fine Art Landscape Photography of Jaysun McMillin