Photographing in Denali National Park and having Mount McKinley unveiled from clouds for the majority of my trip was just plain luck. Heading out every morning you just never know what the weather will bring and just about every morning I had clear blue skies with clouds forming later on in the day. Most photographers would not like the clear blue skies but for me, I like to take advantage of every situation and shoot images most photographers would find dull and pass on.


This day I spent the whole morning and afternoon on two ridges about 1/4 mile apart. The Alaskan Range peaks in front of me were visible with the colorful tundra in the foreground. As the evening progress a band of clouds starting working its way to the north over the territory soften the light and adding subtle shadows just where they needed to be. This image is pure Denali and reminds me of that day just watching the shifting light in total silence with the largest peak in North America staring back at me. One of the most memorable moments days of my trip.




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The Fine Art Landscape Photography of Jaysun McMillin