On my trip to central California I was looking to photograph a location with as little clutter as possible yet keep the subject very interesting and provoke a mesmerizing feeling of wonderment. Driving along the coast left me with many options to implement my plan. After investigating several locations I drove upon this area that really excited me. It was extremely windy so I had to select the best possible spot to give me a little shelter from the wind, allow a long exposure with no camera shake and the best composition. It was the perfect time of day to get the blue sky reflecting in the water with the same color tones. I took a 30 second exposure to smooth out the water and help create a serene and minimalistic feel to the image. The impression you get is of a tropical, deserted island right in the middle of central California.




Sizes - 10x30, 14x38, 20x60, 26x80



Not to exceed 99 total prints

Thirty (30) Artist’s Proofs numbered “x of 30”

Sixty-nine (69) Limited Editions numbered “x of 69”


The Fine Art Landscape Photography of Jaysun McMillin