This old pier and bay is quite famous but most people would never know. This is the location of the very first resort in Fiji... The Korolevu Beach Hotel. Constructed in 1948, the small, self-contained units were believed to be the first of their type in the world, setting the standard for resort developments everywhere by imitating indigenous architecture. They recreate a typical Fijian village setting for international tourists and hence the construction of the bure designed to look like Fijian wood and thatched huts. In the decades which followed, they acknowledged that the Fijian word bure originally referred to a temple or similar official building and that the individual units should really have been called valevakaviti, which translates as "Fijian-style houses."


However, they rightly reasoned that tourists could never get their tongues around the name valevakaviti, and so bure came into common usage.


This is all that remains from a major hurricane in 1983 that destroyed the regions infrastructure and soon after a lease-holding dispute at the Korolevu Beach Resort saw all furnishings and fittings disappear one night, leaving the once effervescent hotel stripped of its charm and character.


Faced with a massive reinvestment to get the venue up and running again, its owners, who were close to personal retirement, decided to shut down.




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The Fine Art Landscape Photography of Jaysun McMillin