This is probably my favorite image from my 2014 trip to Denali National Park. It was a clear and crisp evening as the sun was going down this day and the Alaskan Range looked undisturbed. I decided to take a long exposure to see if I could smooth out the faint clouds in the distance. Just as the sun was setting it lit the mountains with a nice, soft even light. The snow appeared even whiter than normal... and with the redness of the tundra and green forest down below, it made a breathtaking composition. The long exposure aided in giving the faint clouds a fluid effect while capturing a pink hue from the afterglow.


Mount McKinley, Mount Hunter, Mount Foraker, Mount Hayes, all visible and brilliant! I can't imagine a better image to encapsulate all the majesty of Denali National Park and the Alaskan Range.




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The Fine Art Landscape Photography of Jaysun McMillin