I named this image “Beach” because this is what I envision when someone mentioned the word…Blue warm water, white sand beach and beautiful, crazy clouds that are constantly changing and intensifying with rain.


I shot this image just before I shot “Trio”... with the three Fijian kids riding horses. The emptiness of the beach, the stretch of jungle and approaching storm makes for a dramatic image and is a classic representation of storms in Fiji. A lot of times this storms never reach you. They stay off in the distance for you to watch, admire and in this case, photograph as an amazing image.


Trying to capture these storms can be tricky depending on your subject. Timing and luck play a large role in these images but if you frequent these locations often and have you compositions waiting for you, then you’ll be ready for such a storm.




Sizes - 16x20, 20x30, 24x36, 30x45, 40X60



Not to exceed 99 total prints

Thirty (30) Artist’s Proofs numbered “x of 30”

Sixty-nine (69) Limited Editions numbered “x of 69”

The Fine Art Landscape Photography of Jaysun McMillin