The journey from a small, southern farm town in Louisiana to a California-based landscape photographer was not an easy one for Jaysun. Growing up in the rice and soybeans fields along the Gulf Coast left a lasting impression of natural landscapes, open spaces and the ability to appreciate Mother Nature. The hard work of farming and a desire to create and follow his own path led him to leave Louisiana after college to see the world and experience different landscapes. His travels have taken him to Europe, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Fiji, and Alaska along with 75% of the US. He's lived in Louisiana, Texas, Florida, Oregon, Arizona, Europe, and finally found his home along the Pacific Ocean in Southern California. Through all the ups and downs of life one thing remains the same for Jaysun, the love of nature, exploring new landscapes and capturing beautiful moments with his eyes, camera, and heart.
The Fine Art Landscape Photography of Jaysun McMillin