This was my second trip to Boulder, Colorado and my first one with my camera. A year before I had gone there for a funeral so it was not the right place and time to shoot. I wasn't sure what the lighting was going to be on this trip since the weather looked like clear skies... and most of the fall colors had already turned so I asked my friend Julie to take me on some of her hikes that she frequents around the area and I would just explore and see if there were any photo opportunities that peaked my interest.













So on a long hike early the first morning I saw this old barn from a distance. As I got closer I noticed some of the foliage to the west was still turning fall colors. So I climbed the fence that enclosed the property and headed over to take a better look and eye the composition. The sun was still below the horizon to the east as I approached the barn. It was exactly was I was looking for. Old, weathered and falling apart. So I set up my camera and tripod and waited for the sun rise and light up everything. My timing was perfect as the early morning glow lit up all the trees and mountains behind this old vintage, rustic barn.


The great thing about finding these old barns is you never know how much longer they will be standing. I hope this one remains until my next trip to Colorado. I would love to photograph it again during winter or spring. It just a great slice of the old west.













The following morning she told me about this old barn in the middle of nowhere she thought would be interesting to photograph so we headed out one mid-morning when the skies were starting to get cloudy. As we hiked along the trail you could see I had missed the Fall colors by a couple of weeks, but the leafless trees added contrast to the greens and golds that were still present. Just as we walked up to this spot a thick layer of clouds starting casting these great shadows across the landscape creating this strong dramatic effect. On a day I didn't expect to get any good shots I got this really amazing image compliments to Mother Nature.













The Flatirons of Boulder, Colorado is such a landmark in this area that I had to get a great image of them.  Lucky for me there was still a little Fall color in some of the trees... so I positioned myself to take advantage of the rising sun as it lit up the mountain and those colorful leaves. I also waited till early Monday morning when there were less people on the trails since this is a great weekend spot for hikers. The sun was at a great angle so I just had to wait for the trees in the foreground to catch some of those rays to light up the yellow foliage on them. I only got a few exposures off before the fast moving sun blanketed my whole frame and the moment was gone. I also love how the clear blue sky adds a different color and contrast to the reds, yellows and greens in this image.

The Fine Art Landscape Photography of Jaysun McMillin